Cuthbert on his birthday

Today I heard of the death of the oldest man in the United States. He was 112 years old.  Today is also my father’s birthday. He would have been 111 years old but, sadly, he died in 1956 aged only 49.

I’ve decided that I would take a look back to the days when he and my mother were a young couple “courting”. I realised that I’ve never looked at these photos in that light. I just remember my parents as busy people looking after our shop and keeping my grandma and I entertained. They met in the mid 1920s, when he was 17 and my mum was a mature lady of 19. They were introduced by my father’s friend Pat (who wasn’t a postman but a printer from Ireland), whose girlfriend at the  time was my mum’s sister, Jessie.

I’m not sure that the “Plus 4” was ever a great fashion statement but my father was seemingly besotted as he was still wearing them when I was a little girl in the 1950s! Happy Birthday Dad!!

And here are my parents as I have never really thought of them before, young and in love!

Dad’s older sister, Doris, was married to a merchant seaman and I know that she regularly accompanied him, so I think this must have been one occasion when mum and dad went to meet them when they were berthed somewhere on the east coast.

One thought on “Cuthbert on his birthday

  1. Lovely to have these memories. I’ve hundreds of family photos and a lot from when my parents were young (starting from when my mum was fifteen, I think) and I’ve often thought of them as a courting couple, it helps me to see their lives as my parents in perspective. In other words, our parents had a life of their own, very different from ours, before we were even thought of. 🙂

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