Jessie and Phyllis

I’m so pleased that I found these photos of Mum and her sister, Jessie, as I never met Jessie. She died in 1939 aged only 35, from breast cancer, I believe. If so, she was the first of the four sisters who all died from this awful disease. I wish I had known Jessie because, from the number of photos I have seen of them together, it looks as if she and my mother were close. They were certainly close in age, with only about a year between them.

When I checked the 1911 census, the older sisters, Emmie, aged 20 (Mum’s half sister from my grandmother’s first marriage) and Bessie aged 15 were both working as weavers. I know that Mum and her other sister, Violet (born 1901) also worked in a mill prior to their marriages.

Sarah and Louise – can you see a family likeness between Mum, me and the two of you? I can!

Phyllis (rear) and her sister Jessie (front)
Jessie and Phyllis

I am getting such a lot of pleasure from looking through these photos and studying the faces of my family more closely than I usually do. It is almost Christmas and today the whole family, plus my cousin, Susan’s family will be gathering at my house for tea. The people who won’t be seeing each other on Christmas Day will be exchanging presents. (I hope that we are allowed to keep them for opening on Christmas morning!) I will be looking at my children and mentally comparing them to the photos.

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