Family goings on

It looks as if my family was having a good time before I arrived. They were out and about and enjoying life and being no more grown up than today’s group selfie posers, with their “careless” posing amongst the bracken

L to R (Back) Grandma, Mum, Grandpa, Cousin Gladys, Auntie Elsie, Auntie Doris
(Front) Dad (hidden amongst the bracken), Cousin Muriel
Auntie Elsie was Dad’s eldest sister and the two girls are her daughters. Auntie Doris (Dodo to every child in the family) was Elsie’s younger sister.
Gladys, Grandma, Muriel, Uncle Willie (Elsie’s husband), Dad, Auntie Dodo, Mum, Grandpa. I see that Dad is still rocking the Plus 4s and Grandpa is wearing a waistcoat, while the women are wearing strange hair nets.

That’s not to say that they didn’t go in for more formal photos…..

Here are my mother’s parents, her sister Violet and Violet’s husband, Edwin Craven (Uncle Eddie)
This is Violet and Eddie’s wedding in 1945. The people I recognise, apart from the bride and groom, are Uncle Willie Waite (Auntie Bessie’s husband and Mum’s brother-in-law), standing next to the bride, with his daughter, my cousin Kathleen, in front of him. Also seated is mum’s eldest sister Emmie.
I love this photo of Mum and Grandma.

I’ll have more to say about the Fordhams and Falkinghams the next time I post some family photographs.

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