So that’s where I get it from

Unlike Dad, I have no photos of Mum when she was a baby or small girl. This is the earliest one I can find of her. She is standing outside the house in Eccleshill which became so familiar to me when we visited her sisters every week. A two-bedroomed house with no bathroom (the lavatory was at the bottom of the garden), the whole family, except possibly Bessie, who may have already been married, must have lived here. That is grandma, grandpa plus Mum and three sisters!

So, if you haven’t read my posts on 16 and 20 September, where I introduced my parents, this is Phyllis Annie Fordham, born 21 August 1905, the youngest of four sisters.

As far as I was concerned, she had all the qualities that a great mother should have; kind, gentle, supportive and very diplomatic. She had great inner strength and I aspired to be like her. There was just a short time, after my father died, when she became very ill (due in part to having to deal with the sale of our shop, I’m sure) and had to be cared for by my auntie.  But when she was becoming very weak as her cancer returned, she showed such a determination to carry on as normal. I once saw her appear round a corner after she had walked into Bingley and back. She straightened her body and put a smile on her face before coming into the house. It’s hardly surprising, then, that when our doctor said to me, “She’s going to die soon, you know”, I found it hard to believe!

She was my guide until I was almost 21 and I so regret that she was not there for all the wonderful times, the hard times and just every day when I became a woman myself. I wish she had met her son-in-law and her grandchildren. They would have adored her and she would have adored them.

Oh, and her lovely smile, of course. That’s where I get it from!

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