Mum, what’s a trolleybus?

I settled in to work at the district library and sometimes at its small satellites. I travelled to work by trolleybus! I’ve added a photo because I think there will be very few people who will remember these quiet buses. As you see, they are powered by an overhead electricity supply. My journeys were made a bit more unpredictable because there was a sharp right-hand corner about midway on the way to work and often one or more of the arms flew off the wires as we made the turn. The bus conductor (there used to be someone whose role was simply to take the fares) had to jump off the bus, retrieve a long, hooked pole from underneath the bus and try to get arm to re-connect to the electric cable.

I think the highlight of 1965 was the return visit of Françoise. I had invited her to come and stay without checking with my mum and auntie but, as soon as they met Françoise, they fell in love with her, as did the rest of the family. We had a short holiday in Llandudno during her stay.

francoise 2.jpg

Auntie Doris, Françoise and Mum outside our house in Bingley

francoise 1.jpg

You can see the goosebumps from here!

1965 also saw my debut as a member of the Bingley Amateur Operatic Society. We had been regulars at their annual show for many years and I had cherished the ambition to join them for some time! A brief audition saw me admitted to the chorus in time for the November 1965 performance of “The Merry Widow”. I loved the dressing up, the makeup and the performance.

I almost forgot to mention that I had more disastrous ‘A’ level results! I abandoned ‘A’ levels at last and started out on the long road to becoming a chartered librarian….

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