The rest of the year that was … and some teenage angst

I decided that I would leave the family photos for the moment. I have seen my parents through their courtship and the early days of their marriage and now they are waiting for an arrival! They won’t have to wait much longer!

In the meantime, I’m picking up where I left off at the end of my inaugural trip to France. I returned to disastrous ‘A’ Level results but was still able to start my first job.

I was going to be a library assistant at a brand new library in a suburb of Bradford. This was the time when public services were growing! They were also open long hours and I regularly worked until 8pm and most Saturdays. Females wore disgusting green coveralls which left us unpleasantly warm in the summer! But we were a group of young, new starters and we had fun together.

The only problem, as far as I was concerned, was that it was just down the road from my aunt’s house and my mother had negotiated a deal with her to provide me with lunch every day. The meals were lovely but I really wanted to be sitting, eating sandwiches, with my friends.

It was here that I had my first date, with one of the young men I worked with. We went to see “Goldfinger”. It wasn’t a success. I thought I quite fancied him but realised I didn’t. He thought I was cold and unapproachable. I thought he just isn’t fanciable after all!

Today is the day when parliament will vote on the Brexit proposals. I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

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