Family outings in Yorkshire, 1948

Mum and Dad and the rest of the family were often photographed visiting gardens, stately homes or the local countryside. It’s not surprising as Dad worked long days in the shop and stayed open five and a half days a week. And they obviously didn’t stop after I came along.

Anne Baby 1.jpg

Anne Baby 7.jpg

I’ve found Grandma’s spidery writing on some of the photos but not these two. I feel sure that we will have been visiting a country house somewhere in Yorkshire and I’m guessing that it could have been spring 1948. People have always told me that I’m like my Mum but perhaps that was when I got older, as I think I’m definitely a Falkingham here.

Anne Baby 4.jpg

Anne Baby 8.jpg

These two were taken at Gilling Castle, Ryedale, North Yorkshire in August 1948. Gilling Castle is a Grade 1 listed building, with origins in the late 14th Century. I have very few photos with both my parents and it warms my heart to see how happy they look here. They waited a long time for me, having first met when Dad was 17 and Mum 19. They didn’t marry until they were 32 and 34 respectively and here they would have both been in their early 40s. I’m relieved to see that Dad isn’t wearing his Plus 4s! What appears to be a spot in the middle of his chest could well be his watch chain. He almost always wore a waistcoat and carried a pocket watch with a hunter case and a chain.

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