Back to the start…

I’ve been looking through my family photographs, newly liberated from my loft. So I’m going back to the start of my story to put some faces to the people I’ve been talking about.

This is the only photograph of my paternal great-grandfather, James Bradley Johnson (1831 – 1907). He was a headteacher at a primary school in Bradford. I think he must be surrounded by his teaching staff here and that the young woman on the far left of the back row may be my grandmother. Unfortunately hers is one of the faces which is very unclear.

Here she is again, much later in life, with my grandfather. Although her face is still not perfectly clear, I see the “family face” and where my two aunts got it from. I hope I will find some clearer photos of her soon.

One thought on “Back to the start…

  1. Hi Ann, I’ve managed to sharpen the top picture a tad. My email is If you could take another shot of the picture, but directly over the top so it is straight. I might be able to do better. Mail me and I’ll send you what Ive got. All the best Margaret,


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