The tour starts here….

…. at just before 3am, when I finally gave up the idea that I would get a few hours’ sleep in before I had to set off. A last minute panic that I had forgotten the elastoplasts and then I was collected by the lovely Garry, who chauffeured me smoothly off to Manchester Airport.

My next transport was a lady with a wheelchair who whizzed me through business class check in and all the secret (and speedy) ways through security and delivered me to the lounge. Now, much as I enjoy the comfort of a lounge, I always worry that the assistance staff will forget about me and that I’ll miss the flight.

She didn’t, of course and I am now in Doha where, after an extensive tour of Hamad International Airport by electric buggy, I am waiting for my onward flight to Nagpur.

During the flight from Manchester I kept checking our position. Once I was surprised to see that we were flying over a place called “Batman”. The closest place I recognised was Mosul, which caused me to have a wry smile as some of my local friends will understand!

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