Life is a bowl of soup!

I’m full of enthusiasm!  Resurrected with the help of my cousin. We spent a few days away and, as usual, we meandered down memory lane.  We grew up together, more like sisters than cousins. Two girls, born just a few weeks apart and both only children. 

We laughed at the things we remembered and filled in the blanks that the other had forgotten.  We laughed a lot! Into the early hours of the morning.  We talked about the blanks that we can no longer fill in, because the people with the answers are no longer with us and how we don’t want our own children to be in the dark as they grow older.  So, I’ve decided to write this blog for my three children.

Writing a blog?  Well, I keep a diary when I go on holiday.   In fact I’ve just been reading all those diaries written since 2004 when I did my first big trip abroad.  I wish I’d kept the diary that I wrote when I was a teenager and totally in love with a boy I worked with.  You don’t think you’ll ever want to read those again or maybe they are so embarrassing that they just have to be got rid of.  I’m excited to be going away again in a few weeks’ time. To India. It’s sort of a goal, booked as soon as I got the all clear after having a kidney removed (on my birthday too!), because I had to cancel this same trip earlier in the year. I shall be taking my pen and notebook with me as usual.

I’m feeling a similar enthusiasm about telling the story of my family for my children and grandchildren.

Is it over the top to put 12 year old Calvados in soup because I forgot to buy cider?  Well, the leek, apple and spring greens soup tasted very good.  

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