A Year in Nepal: Chapter 3 A Tale of Three Cities

I’m enjoying reading this blog, which is being posted every Wednesday. It reminds me of my visit in 2012 but with the added benefit of hearing from someone who has experienced and learned so much more.

Buddha Walks Into A Wine Bar ....

“A Year in Nepal” is a book I have been writing since the beginning of this year, 2019. I’d got to my 6th chapter and somehow ran out of steam, lots of ideas, content, adventures, but just couldn’t continue or explain it! I let it sit there for two months, and despite encouragement from friends in Kathmandu, nothing! So, I’ve decided to try something completely different. Every week, Wednesday’s, I’ll post one of my chapters for comment, feedback good or bad, it will all be absorbed. If there’s silence, that tells me something too. Let me ask everyone stopping by here for help, do please comment, reblog, Facebook it, etc etc., all will be accepted, acknowledged, replied to. Here’s the third chapter, regarding some history of Nepal: (You should start from previous chapters published here Our Book, A Year in Nepal)

Chapter 3



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One thought on “A Year in Nepal: Chapter 3 A Tale of Three Cities

  1. I’m often confused where to comment when someone reblogs a post so apologies for repeating myself! “Thank you once again Anne, it’s good to have someone so supportive of my efforts. Feedback is building up and will ultimately influence whether I write further chapters or not. One more to go.”


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