Travels with myself

…… and other people

July is here and in a couple of weeks’ time I should be setting off to Italy for a cruise on the River Po. But this has been cancelled due to my still recovering arm and elbow. I rely so much on my arms to steady me because of my dodgy legs and, as I can’t fully extend my right arm, both I and my consultant agreed that this holiday was not for me. Or at least not this year.

My son then had the brilliant and kind idea of inviting me on holiday with him and his girlfriend. So, I am delighted that we shall be spending a week in Rome during August. And the five of us (including his girlfriend’s mother and father) will be staying in a swanky looking apartment right in the centre of the city.

This is the first time in many years that I will not be going on holiday alone. What started off as: “Well I’d better get used to the idea of holidays by myself” when my husband died, has become “Why would I ever want to go on holiday with somebody else?” I’m never lonely. If I meet friendly people I’m happy to talk to them and on a couple of holidays I’ve made some good friends. But I’m just as happy to sit on my own and read. I always choose holidays that include travel, whether that is touring or being based at a single place and having the option to go on days out and visits. I can do what I want, when I want.

Family holidays – well I’ve been there, done that, worn the t-shirt and washed the t-shirt too many times. I just like being on my own. I love people-watching. In the airport I like to guess who might be going on the same holiday as me and I always look to see what newspaper they are reading! I’m sometimes right and sometimes wrong and sometimes I am pleasantly surprised by people.

After Thailand, the next country I visited was Kenya in 2007. This was the only time that I have been on a singles holiday. Bearing in mind that it was a Saga holiday it wasn’t exactly Club 18-30. There were about 12 women and 2 men (for some reason it seems that there are fewer men who travel alone) and we were all travelling alone. I suppose it’s more likely that you will strike up acquaintances when everyone is on their own but people with similar tastes and ideas still gravitated towards each other and you always wanted to get in the jeep with some people and not others.

As I’m still feeling a bit vulnerable I’m happy to let somebody else take charge this time. My only responsibility has been booking my train tickets to London and I have said that I’m happy to be taken wherever they choose or to be left behind at a cafe if I can’t keep up! I’m excited about visiting Rome for the first time and I’m truly looking forward to the holiday. But the independent part of my soul has got me making plans to visit to India again next February. All that remains to be booked are the flights.

2 thoughts on “Travels with myself

  1. I’m sure you will love Rome, such history on full show ….. The Colloseum, The Forum, etc etc. I realise you will be absolutely full of information from the guidebooks and family, but I thought you might like two more …. one a small classical and cheap restaurant, Cantina e Cucina, near Piazza Navona but not in it, easy to google. Second, Ostia Antica, a stunning example of a whole “lost city” that used to be Rome’s port before the sea retreated. A short metro ride out of the city to take you away from the hustle and bustle. 👍


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