Stuff that life throws at you

My trip to Borneo must have seemed to have come to an abrupt halt. However it’s my life at the moment which has come to an unexpected pause.

A nasty fall means that I was incarcerated in hospital for the whole of the week before Easter. I am ever grateful to National Health Service as I have had a complex operation on a broken elbow and arm followed by care in the hospital for a week. I am now being looked after temporarily in a care home while a “package of care” is put in place in order that I can return home.

I am going home tomorrow and will be visited 4 times a day by carers who will help me dress and shower, prepare meals and help me to get ready for bed in the evening for a period of about 6 weeks.

This is free, despite the fact that I have not paid anything more into my National Insurance since I was 60. God bless our NHS and Kirklees Council!!

5 thoughts on “Stuff that life throws at you

  1. I’m pleased you have been so well treated by our NHS, there are probably millions like you…… every day, yet our BBC and newspapers constantly write stories of the few who have had a problem. Nothing’s perfect, it may be slightly worn but throwing money at it won’t improve it. I’m sure I’d be called complacent if I’d posted this on Facebook or Twitter but my wife and I have received brilliant service every time.

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    1. Sadly, you are quite sometimes seems the NHS gets nothing right. This is why I like always like to post/tweet/etc any positive story that I have.


    1. Thank you Louise. I’m feeling much better now that I am home even though a large plaster cast on my right arm is hampering me. The carers provided by my local council are wonderful. They visit me 4 times a day at present and are encouraging me to do things for myself so that I can regain my independence. They help me with the impossible things! I really can’t thank them enough and I want to celebrate them too because our local council is so often criticised because of the services it is unable to provide.

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