Travels with myself – 2 Borneo

8th June 2005 – Visiting temples and preparing for the afterlife
It was one of those days when it was tough getting out of bed but you know you ought to because you’ll enjoy it if you do! I managed to make it to the bus for our 8:30am start; even remembered my bottle of water. We stopped first at a rice paddy farm, where a new crop was just beginning to grow, but we retreated to the bus very quickly when our feet and legs were attacked by red ants!

We then visited a Buddhist temple, where Gilbert explained a little about the religion. We stayed to say our own prayers, lit candles and joss sticks and we burnt small items which would travel on ahead to heaven to await us. At the same place was a Chinese pagoda, where you could climb up 9 storeys to look at the view. I made it up to the 4th storey.

Borneo 16
At the Buddhist Temple
Borneo 5
Near the Chinese Pagoda

Mount Kinabalu was hidden in clouds – we had been so lucky the previous day.

Borneo 14.jpg

Still, having missed the water buffalo the previous day through sleeping on the bus, I did see quite a lot of them on our way back.

We arrived back just in time for lunch and I had a trip to the Noble House Chinese Restaurant on the resort for a lunch of scallop dumplings, prawns in spinach parcels, deep fried turnip and mango pudding. Not surprisingly, I fell asleep back at my room before ending the afternoon beach and the pool.

Holidays do seem to involve an inordinate amount of eating, so it was no time at all before I was heading back to the Penyu Restaurant. It was Italian night. They liked to ring the changes! And the food was delicious.

Borneo 17.jpg

In the bar afterwards I had a Singapore Sling and a non-alcoholic Honey Swing

…..Another day, another dinner!!

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