Travels with myself – 2 Borneo

6th June 2005 – A day of doing very little!
The good thing about choosing a non-touring holiday, is that you occasional get a quiet day. I was grateful for that as I struggled to get out of bed in time for breakfast and I spent the morning in the resort shop and by the pool.

Borneo 9.jpg

I had chosen to go on the afternoon’s trip.  To be exact, I usually choose to go on just about every trip, both included and extra because I don’t want to spend too many days “just by the pool”.  I always used to take several books and magazines (these days I top up my Kindle as it’s less heavy on the luggage) and, while I certainly welcome the opportunity to read in peace, I also enjoy the opportunity to meet new people.

My only companion on this afternoon’s trip was Marjorie, a very independent lady aged 83.  Marjorie told me that she had travelled all over the world with her husband and continued to do so now that she was a widow.  As she had no family, she was happy to spend as much as she could afford taking several holidays a year.  She had not long returned from a holiday in South America.  Anyway, this afternoon we visited a batik factory.  We didn’t get a tour as most people were away on holiday but I did buy a sarong. (Did I mention that I had bought a pair of trousers and a top this morning?).  We then went on to a pottery where I “threw” a saucer-shaped item, which I left behind to be fired.  As trips go, this was a very short one and we were back before the end of the afternoon.  I had plenty of time to get ready for two amazing hours at the Resort Spa.

I have always said (and I continue to do so) that this was the best two hours of my life! Forget walking down the aisle, forget holding my first child for the first time, these were the two hours to end all two hours!  I arrived a little early and used the jacuzzi, then I had a body scrub, after which I was sent to shower for fifteen minutes and was given some ginger and honey tea.  Then there followed an hour’s massage with lavendar, bergamot, juniper and grape seed.  My skin was so smooth, my hair so soft and I was so relaxed, I could have fallen over.

Sadly, it was by now bucketing down and I had to hurry back to my room to try and make my oh so soft hair look halfway presentable, before running to the Penyu for dinner and paddling back to my room afterwards.

No rest tomorrow – Mount Kinabalu awaits!

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