We do like to be beside the seaside!

The seaside photo thing in the 50s and 60s was being “snapped” while you walked along the sea front. Later in the day you had to hang around a kiosk waiting for your photos to appear. What are all those “snappers” doing now?

anne growing up 5

The summer after my father died, Mum and I were invited to join her two sisters and their husbands on holiday in Bridlington. Here we are strolling along the promenade, looking about as summery as it gets in Bridlington. We are, left to right, Auntie Violet and her husband, (Uncle Eddie), then Uncle Willie Waite and his wife, Mum’s other sister (Bessie), then me and Mum. We stayed in a B&B, when it was strictly that! You left after breakfast and did not come home until time for the evening meal – tea as it was (and still is) called in the north and bed!

Our holidays always got off to a slow start, as we arrived on Saturday but, for some reason, we didn’t go onto the beach on Sundays, so it was always Monday before the real holiday started. And, of course, that was usually the day that it rained, although it must have turned sunny at some point!

anne growing up 4.jpg

The good thing about this particular holiday is that Mum was wrapped up in the kindness of her family. Someone must also have had a box Brownie with them because I have this lovely photo of Mum and her two sisters.

anne growing up 6.jpg

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    1. I did. Thank you for sending it. I had a quick look at your Nepal education documents and I want to go back and read them properly. I got a bit distracted by everything else on your site too. I will email you when I’ve looked at them again.

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