A reflection

After a leisurely morning and farewell lunch, the car picked me up. I was sad to leave. (I think I said a few emotional words). For miles we drove around the borders of Kanha, it’s so huge! I could write a book about this journey but, other than the Nagpur rush hour, the two images which will never leave me are the man cycling along with tiers of trays of eggs strapped to his chest and the man cycling along with a full rail of garments right around his body.

I have so many wonderful memories from this holiday: all the animals, the tigers, the wild dogs, barasingha and other deer and the langurs of course! But my holiday was made even more special by the kindness of ALL the team at Shergarh.

Being woken with a tray of tea or coffee at whatever time you get up is a winner anyway but I never left my tent without someone appearing, as if by magic, to take my hand and guide me along. So, for once, a holiday when I stayed upright the entire time.

I was taken for (short) walks, fantastic drives around local villages and the owner spent a morning helping me to photograph flowers and butterflies. Shergarh team, you are AMAZING!

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