Grand finale

We were not far into Mukki Zone this morning, when Raj shouted “Tiger!”. Those of us who were still barely awake and a bit cold (it being just after 6am), perked up and looked where he was pointing. MB3 had just emerged from the trees and started to wander slowly down the path away from us. We followed her and, from time to time, she turned and looked at us, then just kept on walking. She kept scent-marking the trees, which Raj said was to emphasise that this is her territory. He explained that her mother gave up some of her own territory to her daughter but that MB3 does have competition in the form of another female.

We followed her for about 25 minutes. She was very relaxed and seemed totally unbothered by our presence. She eventually disappeared into the trees and, although we searched for her later in the morning, she never re-appeared.

So that was my final game drive. I’ve had my final, delicious dinner and, for the final time, I’m climbing into bed by 9pm.

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