Tigers and dogs; dogs and tigers

The little feet above my head settled down when I did so the only further excitement was a bright green grasshopper, who beat me into my tent by seconds and had to be chased and caught by the poor boy who escorted me back in the dark. (I am not allowed to move an inch after dark without someone taking my hand, which is lovely).

I was devastated to learn that the people who went for a drive yesterday afternoon were able to follow and observe a tiger for half an hour!! Even worse, this morning’s party saw a pack of wild dogs. This afternoon’s drive had a lot to live up to!

We hadn’t been in the park long when we came across the wild dogs who, luckily, had not moved far from this morning’s location. We were able to watch the pack of 12 (parents, nine pups and another female) playing together. The pups pestered their mum, while dad stayed well out of the way looking important. They chattered to each other in high-pitched squeaks and ran and tumbled in the grass. Mum is wearing a radio collar because they are so rare. They set off down the road and then stopped to play again but, eventually, set off again, more purposefully this time. We left them going on their way (possibly preparing to hunt).

As the sun started to go down it began to feel chilly. I was feeling relieved that the drive would soon be over. Then, out of the bushes came a female tiger! She is known as MB3. This identifies her as the third cub of a mother whose name begins with M. Although she is around 3 years old, she doesn’t have a name yet. We drove along beside her for some time before she disappeared into the bushes.

Happily back for a delicious dinner by candlelight and moonlight.

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